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Ki Gong, pronounced "Key-Gong" is a System of training which includes physical and mental exercises..The "Ki" in Kigong refers to the vital energy in your body. "Gong" refers to a discipline or mastery. Generally defined, it is the practice of improving ones own internal energy to improve health and wellness. This System of training will have innumerable benefits to the practitioner, including improvement of the circulatory system, stimulation of the immune system, and strengthening of the internal organs, regardless of your condition. No matter whether you are seeking improved health or a gentle form of exercise, Ki Gong is for you.

What is ki gong ?

Ki Gong is a System of training designed to develop the mind, body, and spirit. The easy to follow physical exercises focus on Meridian, Circulatory, Respiratory, and Ki-Energy systems of the body. Ki Gong provides all the benefits of yoga, Tai-Chi, and meditation in one discipline. As you proceed through our course, you will advance through different levels of physical exercise, accessing Ki-Energy and circulation. The goal of each step is to help you achieve greater levels of health, mental and physical energy. The purpose of Ki Gong is to give individuals the opportunity to realise their own personal power by stimulating the Ki energy circulation, activating the body's natural healing power. This is an enriching experience, regardless of age, or physical ability. With regular practice of Ki Gong, it is possible to keep blood and energy circulation flowing smoothly throughout the entire body. This will enable you to relax more easily and bring a feeling of peace, joy and a positive attitude.

What can the course do for me ?

Our course is designed to stimulate the brain, realign the spine and help the body reestablish a natural symmetrical balance. The internal organs are stimulated, and the muscles, nerves and circulation system are strengthened. Finally, the meridian system is activated revitalizing the entire body. The feeling of positive energy and the release of tension in the body are among the benefits of our course. benefits of ki gong include:
Increased flexibility, metabolism and blood circulation. Improved balance, musculatory and respiratory control, stress reduction and increased blood oxidation. Ki Gong has also helped participants give up smoking, heavy drinking or drug dependence, improve the immune system, gain a sense of inner strength and peace, increase creativity, and enjoy more harmonious and personal relationships.


All the benefits of Tai Chi, Yoga & Aerobics
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